Artists Bio

Hann Tower

Mixed Media Visual Artist 


Hann Tower (b.1998) is a visual artist based in Seattle, Washington. They work with processes of digital collage, image-transferring, sewing and painting. Intuitively collaging images of their surroundings and transferring their collages onto floral patterned fabric, Hann creates mystical portals through the many layers of imagery and process used. Focused on making as an avenue for dissecting overwhelming emotional states, their work functions as an ever-evolving conversation within themself. Hann received their BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in 2021, and is currently making art and collaborating with friends in Seattle.    

Artists Statement

Do I need to make, assemble, scribble, remember, smear, drag, cry, laugh, talk, sleep, sit, stare? Do I need to contemplate these emotions or distract myself from them? This is the leading notion of my art practice: What I can do to ease my emotional suffering right now. I find comfort in repetitive actions that also elicit a physical sensation. 


I use processes of digital collage, photo transferring, painting, assemblage, stenciling, and sculpture, working in a generative way to cope with intense emotionality, dissociation, and hopelessness. I layer the pieces of collage, writing, and general mess-making together, creating an even more complicated mess that feels comfortable to me.


My works contain imagery of the world around me, streets and buildings. I snap pictures of whatever captures my eye and piece them together in unexpected ways in my digital collaging process. Recurring images can emerge over time  – doors, stars, and clouds are symbols of passage, relief, and escape. The sky reminds me of the dialectics all around us, and within us. I find great comfort in knowing everything will pass eventually, the clouds, the moment, the thoughts, the feelings. 


This relates to my choice to work on mainly collected, found, or cheap substrates/objects/materials. The things I make are not precious;, they are not meant to be beautiful or permanent. They are collected and re-constructed moments of cognitive distortion, delusion, and panic combined with the things that comfort and ground me.


My practice ultimately functions as a coping mechanism – allowing me to distract myself, process my thoughts, and communicate my experience of intense emotionality from my inner world. The end product of whatever processes feel most healing is an object/image that reminds me that I can tolerate even the most uncomfortable of emotional experiences.


2021 | Cornish College of The Arts, BFA 


2021 | Window Display at Northeastern University in Seattle

2021 | Selected Works, Hutch Research Center Seattle

2021 | Cornish College of The Arts 2021 BFA show

2019 | Two Truths and A Lie, Cornish College of The Arts POE show
2018 | Painted Psyche, Belltown Art Walk